Ekbet Online Sports Betting

Not only does Ekbet offer online casino gambling, but it also operates an online sports betting service. Here, Indian gamblers can place wagers on a range of sporting events using practically any device. No need to visit physical bookmakers or anything like that. Simply open the Ekbet sports betting platform in a web browser or download the app for Android or iOS, and the sports betting action can commence.

Online Sportsbook in India

Instead of visiting a physical casino or a real-life bookmaker, many players around the world are turning to online sportsbooks to place bets. There are a stack of reasons why. First and foremost, it is much easier to do so since wherever there is internet coverage, there is access to online sportsbooks like Ekbet. The range of sports you can bet on online is huge these days as well and includes:

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • And many more

Any device is fine too. So, whether you use a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone, Ekbet users can set up accounts, log in, and scroll through the list of sports bets to see what takes their fancy.

Ekbet live betting

If you missed placing a bet on an upcoming match, you might not have to worry. This is because it is sometimes possible to take a punt on a game that has already started. Opening up the sports betting site will alert you to any live events that it is permissible to bet on. Bettors can also track live stats online, which may potentially help choose which bets to place. At Ekbet India, you will find all the tools necessary for placing pre-match bets as well as any live bets, if and where available.

IPL 2022 sport betting

IPL stands for the Indian Premier League and is one of the most popular and exciting Twenty20 cricket leagues around. It is contested by 10 teams from three Indian States and is the most attended cricket league on the planet. It is no wonder then that Ekbet caters for fans who would like to place bets on this thrilling series of events. Heading to the Ekbet site, you will see a link on the menu bar to an IPL betting exchange.

At the time of writing, the most successful IPL team was the Mumbai Indians, with five titles under their belt. Fans who would like to bet on this team or any other in the League now have ample opportunities to do so online.

Ekbet betting app

We mentioned that Ekbet can be visited and used on either a web browser or via downloadable apps. Two apps have been designed for use by iOS or Android users. The procedure for getting the app on both operating systems is the same:

  1. Step one is visiting the Ekbet website.
  2. In the middle section of the menu bar is the 'Mobile' button – click this.
  3. On the next screen, choose the iPhone or the Android download option.

Keep in mind the Ekbet application requires at least iOS 10 or higher for iPhone users or Android 5.0 or higher for Android device users. The download is free and is a straightforward process.


Cricket has really been taken to heart in India and is one of the most biggest sports in the country. One of the great things about cricket is the variety of cricket betting opportunities, from Tests to One Day matches to Twenty20 games.

ekbet sports betting


Soccer is played all around the globe, so there is just about always an exciting match taking place somewhere. This means a stack of betting markets boasting a huge range of betting options and lines exist for keen soccer bettors.


Baseball is huge in countries like Japan and the United States. Teams play a lot of games each year, so baseball fans get many chances to bet on their favourite team or on who they think is currently running hot.


Basketball is also popular in the United States, but it generally has a more universal appeal than baseball. As such, punters who like to bet on basketball not only have North American leagues to choose from but others in places like Europe or Asia.


Tennis is another sport that either has an exciting tournament in play or has one just coming up on the sporting calendar. An interesting thing about tennis is the one-on-one element, offering a different dynamic since there is one player in a match rather than a whole team.


Less popular perhaps than cricket or football amongst sports betters, volleyball nevertheless presents some excellent options for the keen sports fan to explore. From the Olympics to more localised events, volleyball also has many markets to bet on.


Is sport betting legal in India?

In general, betting online at offshore-based providers is not illegal in India. Laws can change, and they may be different depending on the state, so checking with local authorities will help provide full clarity.

Can I bet on live sports events?

It may be possible to place bets on sport events that are currently in play. When visiting the Ekbet sports betting platform be on the lookout for any potential live bets.

How to win real money in betting?

To win real money, your bets have to be correct. Placing wagers on outcomes that do actually occur, like picking the correct winning team in a football match, results in the bet being successful.