Ekbet reviews

To help build a fuller picture of what you may find when using certain betting platforms, reviews can be a great resource to use. What follows on here are several Ek bet online casino experiences including some of the pros and cons. Of course, for maximum clarity, it is best to visit the site and explore for yourself. However, this section may help clarify the situation as well, so take a few moments to read through what is presented.

S. Anand photo

S. Anand

I can testify from personal experience that Ekbet is a very good website. Android app works great with no problems. And I'm a huge fan of Indian style. Ekbet for me is the most "Indian" casino and betting service!

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Here is my review about ekbet.com - I recommend it to novices since I began playing there two years ago. At one time, I didn’t scare away due to the simplicity of the system, it didn’t require anything extra and paid on time. Cricket betting odds are high and I like it very much!

Reev Singh photo

Reev Singh

I always liked playing card games, tin patti, 3 patti poker, but today cricket betting is the number one for me on the Ekbet website. I cai win there much more money. I wish there were more cricket matches and I could win more and more!

What are the min and max deposit and withdrawal limits?

The minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits may change depending on your preferred banking method. However, limits should be made clear when you are ready to deposit money into your account or withdraw out of it.

How much is the deposit and withdrawal transaction fee?

From Ekbet's side, the site states there is no charge for making either a deposit or a withdrawal. However, there might be a charge from your service provider, such as your bank. Please check with them to find out if there are any charges.

How to contact Customer Support?

There are several ways to contact Ekbet Customer Support – WhatsApp, Telegram, email, or chat.

What should I do if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the 'Login' button on the website. Then when the popup appears on the screen, press the 'Forgot Password' link down the bottom and follow the prompts.